Rush was founded on our knowledge that sport and entertainment brand partnerships, or sponsorships, can be extremely powerful to accelerate business growth. Sport and entertainment provide universal opportunities to excite, engage and motivate behaviour.

Successful sponsorships transform brand equity, attract buyers, open new sales channels, boost productivity and accelerate financial growth.

However, there is often very little robust business rationale behind investment decisions and nor is meaningful commercial value measured.

Through a process of internal and external research Rush applies the same business rigour to developing a sponsorship strategy as would be applied to any other significant commercial investment.

This allows Rush to design, deliver, and measure well-structured commercial partnerships in sport and entertainment that deliver meaningful value specific to your business.

We enable our clients to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to sponsorship rights acquisition.

Rush’s clients welcome our passion and professionalism. We pride ourselves on a straightforward and effective approach to sport and entertainment marketing. We always seek to develop long-term and mutually beneficial commercial relationships.


Test Your Knowledge

Superbowl ads are amongst the most prized, but what delivers greater media exposure? A superbowl ad or a Formula 1 team sponsorship?

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A USD$4.5million Superbowl advert may deliver media exposure worth up to USD$10million allowing for online views and other positive PR associated with the game. The equivalent spend on a F1 Team sponsorship may typically deliver USD$30-60million media value over a year and a truly global audience of 425million TV viewers (vs 112million predominantly US viewers of the Superbowl). One leading F1 Team generated an average x28 return on their sponsors’ investment in TV media value alone.

Source: 2015 and 2014

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